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Learning About The History and Future of Education

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Learning About The History and Future of Education

New Teachers Suffering From Anxiety Could Benefit From Teacher Observation

Corey Craig

Starting out a new career as a teacher can be a difficult experience for many people. Thankfully, a large number of people will get used to it and get into the groove rather quickly. Unfortunately, many others will be unable to adapt. When this happens, teacher observation may help to break you out of your funk and let you succeed as a teacher.

Teachers Often Suffer From Anxiety And Depression 

Anxiety and depression are not strangers to teachers, which is an unfortunate issue. Sadly, a large percentage of new and even seasoned teachers end up depressed or even anxious while on the job. For young teachers, this anxiety can be hard to manage because they don't have the kind of face time with their students that more experienced teachers have earned.

Even worse, that anxiety can get worse for teachers who are struggling to connect with their students or understand who they are as people. Connecting is critical with teachers and students and a failure to do it can make it very difficult for you to continue your career.

This Problem Can Derail Your Career

If you can't get a hold of your anxiety, you may find it influencing every aspect of your career. You might stay awake at night afraid to go to the classroom. You might even struggle to pay attention well enough to grade their assignments.

And this anxiety and lack of connection may cause you to act angrily towards your students or in a way that you never imagined. Sadly, educators with anxiety who didn't take the step of getting teacher observation often find their career failing before it has a chance to succeed.

How A Teacher Observation Can Help

Teacher observation is the act of bringing in a teacher or another educational specialist into your classroom. They will observe how you interact with your students, the ways that they react to you, and pinpoint situations that seem to make you more anxious. While they won't interact with your students, they are trained to learn about their attitude towards you.

After several observations, they should be able to provide you with detailed information about what you are doing right as a teacher and what you are doing wrong. They can then figure out why you are suffering from such anxiety when you are in the classroom. With their help, you can figure out the issue and take steps to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

So if you fear losing your career as a teacher because of severe anxiety, reach out to a teacher observation specialist today. They will come to your classroom and provide you with the help you need to become a more comfortable educator.